Segal-Isaacson, Adam

Some of my early photographs were described by a friend as “black and white in color” as most of the images were shot on color film, but were high-contrast silhouettes. I also enjoy taking pictures of flowers and natural scenes, although, like the Dutch masters, I like to include insects in the pictures. The Dutch masters who invented the still life did this as a memento mori, but I just find it makes the picture more interesting (although I find the idea of a memento mori somewhat appealing). More recently I have moved into digital photography, and like the freedom Photoshop® allows, but tries not to wobble too far from the image as originally seen. At the same time, I don’t pay much attention to the rules of photography, especially “don’t shoot into the sun.” What really interests me is light–using photography as a way of painting with light. I also appreciate scenes that are just a little odd.

Adam Segal-Isaacson once studied architecture, but otherwise has no training in art or design. He once had a professor who believed that photography could not be art. He makes his living in publishing, and scientific publishing at that. He is the maintainer of the Flatbush Artists website and serves as the secretary of the group. He also makes collages, appropriating images from elsewhere without permission to make personal greeting cards. He hasn’t bought a commercial card in years. Adam is the “theatre tech” person behind his wife’s jewelry business. You can see her excellent work here. He has also been known to build things.

Adam thanks the other members of the Flatbush Artists for encouraging him to put forth some of his own work.​