Friedland, Karen Eve

Karen Friedland invites people into her CREATIVITY REVOLUTION! Developer of ART SPARKS Creative Project Card Deck and leader of Creative Spirit Workshop, among other workshops and classes she teaches, Friedland helps folks get in touch with their own creativity as well as being inspired by her artwork.

Friedland’s work in a variety of media speaks a singular language, COLOR. The vibrancy and depth of color excites the eye and delights the soul. A strong focus on non-objective abstraction is Friedland’s means of structuring response to the chaos of city life. Her deep love of elephants and Africa is expressed in many of her paintings. The extensive Chair Series brings you home to interiors that leave you longing to be there. Friedland’s people and animals exhibit verve, quirkiness and joie de vivre.

The ART SPARKS Creative Project Card Deck inspires you to get in touch with your own creativity through doable art projects on one side of the card and Friedland’s inspiring art work on the flip side. It’s a perfect way to start expressing yourself artistically or get yourself unstuck. Be part of the FaceBook group to share your art!

As a special tribute to Brooklyn, Friedland’s adopted home, she includes a hidden image of the Brooklyn Bridge in each of her works. It can be a real challenge to find, sometimes, even for the artist herself!

A master of color and design, Friedland is always seeking new and greater challenges in her artwork. She has exhibited her work in solo and group shows across the country and has received numerous awards. She is currently seeking a venue to share an elephant series installation.

As artist, teacher, community organizer, Friedland is one of the founders of Flatbush Artists and the Flatbush Artists Open Studios and a teaching artist on the roster of Brooklyn Arts Council. She has founded the non-profit ARTS FOR AFRICA that bring art supplies into the lives of African children.

In addition to paintings, prints and collages, Friedland will be showcasing Art Sparks cards, notecards and unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry.